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Last Word: There have been unconfirmed reports that Sid Booch died in November of 1996. If this proves true, literally dozens of fans will mourn his passing.

Details are sketchy at best, but it seems that he either succumbed to a drugs overdose in his fashionable bedsit in Kings Lynn; met his demise when a taxi, rushing him to caught a National Express bus in London, collided with a tree; or died in a aeroplane crash in Iowa. His preference would certainly have been to leave us whilst performing; this is unlikely as his band had no wedding party gigs during that month, and he avoids busking when it is cold.

Given this tragic news, one can understand that it might be months before I am able to bring myself to add more to this page, which now serves as Sid's memorial for the ages; I have a new woman in my life with larger breasts than my ex-wife's and I simply haven't the time to waste with this shit.

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Len Blanks
Sun Feb 2 05:36:28 GMT 1997