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Now here is something that isn't seen very often on personal home pages: a list of the compact discs that the wally has in his or her collection.

Think of it as source for a sociocultural study on the patent meaninglessness of lives led by those who construct and publish such lists, or as the only clue to my personal interests that I make available on this medium. It will not serve as a shopping list for any planned burglary, however, as the bulk of the collection is housed in my ex-wife's flat.

In any case, the links incorporated into the list might prove useful and/or interesting. Those for artists were chosen - when a choice was available - using a few simple criteria: web sites done by individuals or maintained as official sites for the artist were given preference to major record industry sites (Sony Music and the like); those providing discographies and tabs had the advantage of those with sound bytes and tour information, the latter being the most disturbing aspect of the label sites, providing nothing more than thinly disguised adverts and four-colour glossies with high wank factor but low information content. The so-called Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's site is rejected as a source since it is self-serving, offering little information about the artists they claim to honour with induction.

Tom Stroud's Jaco Pastorius site is the sort of information-rich music site that sets the standard; the capitalists don't seem to have a clue when it involves anything above the level of marketing material intended for obfuscation.

One is not spoilt for choice of artist web sites, particularly with musical tastes like mine; this problem could have been solved by simple compromise although massive brain damage would have been required to shift my opinion of Whitney Houston, dance music and the like. I can live with a few missing links for obscure or unpopular artists.

The attrition rate of existing sites seems exponential; this is not at all surprising as many of those maintaining them are students, hardly a dependably sedentary group with unlimited resources for site management. Please let me know if a link is obsolete, missing but available, or you can suggest a replacement (particularly in the case of Blues, a genre represented on the Web by half-page biographical sketches). Comments, suggestions and complaints are appreciated.

Lastly, I would prefer a collection of vinyl 7" singles, but do not plan on winning the lottery. If what follows is not enough to satisfy your fetish for music lists, have a look at Julian's Rock Lists and Uncle Fester's pages. This should serve in most cases as a reasonable anodyne; if not, your addiction will require much more than is offered in the phosphor-dot reality of the Information Super Tailback - You are well and truly bent. I suggest in that case a visit to the useless music sites page.

The releases I consider indispensable are marked with (*).

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